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Art for social change – Kunst schafft soziale Veraenderung

Big Up and thanks to the autodidact and theatre activist Otako! We, students and friends, learned a lot last week in his workshop at the Hochschule Düsseldorf organised by the Kulturreferat des AStAs. He shared his well- practiced theatre methods with us and gave us a blink of an eye about his diverse work under the campaign #endchildtrafficking.

Also he had a talk about his daily work and some of his projects with the organisation FourSum Uganda in the Düsseldorfer Junges Schauspielhaus. Pictures and videos of his work are available here:


Last but not least he was part of the ʺBürger-Dinner“. This is part of Café Eden. Three lecturers were talking about the UN- Convention on the Rights of the Child. While having a dinner, the audience was asked to talk about the lecturers‘ questions.​

What an inspiring experience! Thank you a lot for participating and the unbeliavable commitment!