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Please start collecting information well in advance, compile the application documents with care, and send your application well in advance to ensure that your application is successful!

We highly recommend reading the information provided on the internet pages of uni-assist, especially the sections 'Apply in 6 steps' as well as the FAQ.

If you need general information about what uni-assist is and which advantages it provides, please check here.


1. Application procedure

1. Register at the uni-assist online portal for applicants, fill in your application form and submit it electronically to uni-assist.
2. Send the documents listed below as hard copies to uni-assist in Berlin.


2. Application documents

You will need to send the following documents to uni-assist in Berlin:

  • School leaving certificate and any applicable university entrance examinations (authenticated copy of original language and authenticated copy of translation)
  • Certificate of the Studienkolleg and Feststellungsprüfung (only for graduates of a Studienkolleg; authenticated copy)
  • Documentation for any previously earned study credits from a foreign university and your university degree certificate, including transcripts with an overview of subjects and grades of your entire academic career (authenticated copy of original language and authenticated copy of translation)
  • ECTS-grade certification (only for M.A. International Management)
  • Certificate of the successfully completed aptitude test (only for study programmes in architecture and design; simple copy)
  • English language certificate (only for B.A. International Management, all master study programmes in the Faculty of Business Studies and all master study programmes in the Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering; authenticated copy)
  • Original APS certificate (only for applicants from China, Vietnam, Mongolia)                                              For information about APS please see here.
  • A copy of your passport (simple copy of the page with your personal information)
  • Receipt of the payment/transfer of the processing fee (simple copy; Refugees please read the information provided at "4. Application fees")
  • BID- and BAN-number (only for EU-citizens applying for admission restricted  (NC) bachelor study programmes)                                                                                                                                                 For further information please check our website DoSV.
  • Special additional application form (only for M.A. Empowerment Studies, M.A. Culture, Aesthetics, Media, M.A. Psychosocial Counselling, M.A. International Management, M.A. Communication, Multimedia and Market Management)
    The respective form will be available for download during the online application process in the uni-assist portal. You need to fill in the form and send it directly to the admission office at Hochschule Düsseldorf together with the documents named in the form. 

3. Application address

uni-assist e.V.
D- 11507 Berlin


Please note: All required documents have to be submitted to uni-assist complete and in the required form before the deadline expires. Missing documents can only be submitted before the end of the application deadline.


4. Application fees

One applications costs:                                                                              EUR 75 
Each additional application costs:                                                               EUR 30

Uni-assist’s bank details as well as further information concerning payment options can be found on uni-assist's websites.
Please note, that your bank might charge you additional fees for international money transfers.

Refugees can be exempt from the application fee.                                                                                           To apply for free, the following papers need to be handed in to uni-assist in advance:

  • a cost exemption request at the uni-assi s t portal
  • a document which states the registration as a refugee in Germany
  • a Test-AS certificate or a certificate of consultation (Beratungsschein) from a uni-assist member university

The required form and further information is available on uni -assist's websites.
Please note: Hochschule Düsseldorf does not hand out any certificate of consultation (Beratungsschein).

​Important information

You can use the applicant's online portal to check the processing status of your application or get in contact with uni-assist at any time.

Uni-assist will try – but is not obligated – to inform you in time, in case your application documents were received incomplete or late. Only if you submit your application sufficiently early - approx. 6 weeks before the application deadline -, uni-assist can generally inform you with sufficient notice.

You can hand in applications for max. 3 study programmes.

Your application is only valid for one semester. If you intend to apply again in the following semester, you will need to submit a new application form and pay the application fee once again. For further information on this topic please click here.


Contact: ​

Bliss Ayertey

T +49 (0)211 / 43 51 81 40

Studierenden Support Center
Münsterstraße 156, building 2 (1.OG)
D-40476 Düsseldorf

Office hours:
Mon & Wed: 13.00 - 16.00
Tue  & Thu:    9.00 - 12.00
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